Book Review: Estranged by Ethan M. Aldridge


Author: Ethan M. Aldridge

Publication Date: 07 August 2018

Genre: Graphic Novel – Middle Grade Fantasy

Pages: 224

Publisher: HarperCollins

Edmund and the Childe were swapped at birth. Now Edmund lives in secret as a changeling in the World Above, with fae powers that make him different from everyone else—even his unwitting parents and older sister, Alexis. The Childe lives among the fae in the World Below, where being human makes him an oddity at the royal palace, and where his only friend is a wax golem named Whick.

But when the cruel sorceress Hawthorne takes the throne, the Childe and Edmund realize that the fate of both worlds may be in their hands—even if they’re not sure which world they belong to.

This was my first graphic novel, and I must say that I was absolutely blown away. I love all stories that involve changelings, so I couldn’t wait to see this take on the subject matter.

The Human Childe is so sick of being regarded as that. His Fae parents never even gave him an actual name. When his long lost Aunt Hawthorne rolls into town and reduced his parents to rats, he must escape to save his own life. He decides it’s time to find the Changeling that he was replaced with, so he flees the Court with Whick (a candlestick golem who becomes inactive when his flame is extinguished…poor guy!) in tow.

Edmund knows that he’s not human, but he can’t risk his family finding out. His powers are getting stronger, and he accidentally sets his sister’s hair on fire during a heated argument. When the Human Childe he was swapped with shows up, he panics. Edmund doesn’t want the only family he’s ever known ripped from him, but once threats from the Fae world surface to the human one, he realizes he needs to protect those that he loves.

OMG. I absolutely loved this story. The author not only created an incredible plot with these two siblings, but the drawings that accompanied them were absolutely breathtaking. I definitely had a lot of preconceived notions about graphic novels, and to hell with those because the experience of reading this book was unlike any other. I loved the exiting theme of family, and how the definition of family was constantly changing.

I can’t wait to see what book two holds for these two brothers…as well as Whick!

Thank you to Wunderkind PR and HarperCollins for providing a book for review. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.

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