Review Policy

I love promoting new authors and new books, but there’s a couple things to keep in mind before asking for a review. See the guidelines below.


I am open to most genres. My favorite genres are the following:

  • Middle Grade: fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi
  • YA: fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi
  • Adult – psychological thrillers/thrillers/romance

I will not review erotica or any genre that deals with rape/abuse/graphic violence.


I prefer physical books since they are better for photos. I do live in Tennessee, so I understand shipping be can expensive. I’m a kindle reader, so I will also accept ebooks as mobi files via email or NetGalley.


I will give an honest review of your book, and the opinions are entirely my own. I will give a constructive critique. I do not believe in bashing books because they are a work of art. If I really love a book, it will be promoted on all of my social media platforms as well. I will rate them on a 5 star system. I rarely rate books lower than 3 stars. I will contact you if you there is an issue in terms of DNF or if the content is not right for me rather than giving an excruciating review.

Rating System

5 stars: This book was perfect, and I will be screaming to everyone about this book! These are the books that I can’t put down.

4 stars: This was a great book. There may have been a few things that kept it from being perfect, but this is a book that I will definitely recommend.

3 stars: The book is still good, but there were some things that didn’t quite make it great for me.

2 stars: I was disappointed by this book and will not be one that I recommend.

1 star: I reserve one star for problematic books.

What to include when requesting reviews

Please include the following information when requesting a review:

Title of Book, Author, Synopsis, Genre, Format, and Relevant PR information – desired review date, platforms to post reviews on, etc.

Email me at for all requests.

Requests for reviews from authors are currently closed. Will reopen once review schedule permits!