Book Review & Blog Tour: Devil’s Deal by Tessa Hastjarjanto

Hi everyone! Today is my tour stop for Devil’s Deal by Tessa Hastjarjanto, which is hosted by the amazing Dave at The Write Reads.

Devil’s Deal

Author: Tessa Hastjarjanto

Publication Date: 27 September 2019

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publisher: Naratess

When two angels break their deal with the devil, he comes for the one thing they’re trying to protect.

All 16-year-old Nora wants is to graduate high school and visit her family in Italy. But when two boys transfer to her class, everything changes.

Danny steals her friends, Ben her first kiss.

When Nora finds out the boys are not who they claim to be, she faces a difficult choice.

Will she give her love or her life?

Written in a tone similar to Lauren Kate’s Fallen series and Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush series, the prologue of Devil’s Deal immediately drew me in with the mystery surrounding two angels that make a bet with the Devil. At this point, we have no idea we know that falling in love with a mortal is part of the deal, but the intricacies are something that would be worked out later.

Nora is a typical 16 year old girl who is always in tow with her three best friends: Felicia, Emily, and Josy. Nora is the straight-laced kind of teenager that would rather get lost in romance books in the library rather than get into the kind of trouble her peers thrive on. Nora’s life long goal is to visit Italy and take in all of its romance and art.

What seems like out of the blue, Danny and Ben join Nora’s school. All of the girls are immediately captivated by Danny’s good looks and charms…including Felicia who has staked her claim on him. Felicia is determined to have Danny as hers even if that means ostracizing Nora from their best friend circle. Ben is the mysterious, brooding type only talks to Nora and ignores everyone else. They clearly harbor a lot of secrets, which Nora is determined to uncover.

I think that the prologue sets the story up to be jam packed with supernatural action and that’s not how the story actually unfolds. So what I enjoyed about this story is that Nora is self-assured and confident, and she doesn’t let the drama involving Felicia unhinge her. Felicia was petty and her obsession with Danny was exhausting. I also enjoyed watching Ben slowly open up to reveal himself to Nora, whereas Danny left a trail of tears with the girls that he lead on. The best part of the book comes in the last 20% or so when we finally understand the deal that was made and the consequences associated with it.

What I had a hard time with in this book was the petty teenage drama. I understand that some drama was necessary for the plot, but it went on a bit too long. This definitely affected he pacing of the plot. This is probably also me being incredibly impatient and wanting to get to some angel battles.

Overall, I think this is a good opener for this series. I think book two will definitely heat up in terms of supernatural action, which I look forward to.

Thank you to Dave at The Write Reads for the tour invitation and the author for providing a book for review. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.

Get your copy of Devil’s Deal here.

Tessa Hastjarjanto is a Dutch/Indonesian writer from the Netherlands. She writes speculative fiction, and blogs at about books, fountain pens, and writing.

From a young age, she imitated popular stories and games in creating her own worlds. This love eventually led to a master’s degree in media and game studies at the University of Utrecht. However a mundane desk job was enough to inspire her to follow her creative passion. The first fanfics were written in lunch breaks and soon original fiction followed.

With the support of her husband, she now focuses on her writing career while battling chronic pain. Swiss white shepherd, Shiro, acts as a therapy dog to keep her healthy and reduce stress through extensive cuddle sessions.

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