Blog Tour & Excerpt: Mystery at Seagrave Hall by Clare Chase

Hi Everyone! I am back with another fantastic blog tour for the amazing team over at Bookouture. I am one of today’s tour stops for Mystery at Seagrave Hall by Clare Chase.

Mystery at Seagrave Hall

Author: Clare Chase

Publication Date: 11 June 2020

Genre: Adult Fiction – Mystery

Publisher: Bookouture

t’s Eve Mallow’s first visit to the local village fair. But amidst the booths, stalls, tables and tents lurks something darker… A mysterious fall means a new case for amateur detective Eve!

The charity fair at Seagrave Hall is a key date in the Saxford St Peter calendar – a chance for the villagers to nose around the house and grounds and cross paths with the rich and famous.

New resident Eve Mallow is particularly excited by this year’s special guest: the explorer Verity Nye, who is engaged to the heir to the Hall. Eve loves Verity’s determination, and she can’t wait to meet her.

But when they talk, Verity hints that she has something troubling on her mind. So after the festive mood is tragically interrupted by Verity’s fall from a third-floor window, Eve can’t be sure that it’s an appalling accident. Especially when one small boy claims he saw someone behind her…

Soon Eve finds herself tasked with writing Verity’s obituary. As she dusts off her notebook and begins her interviews alongside her trusted dachshund sidekick Gus she realises she has a fine array of suspects before her. Could it be a corrupt charity manager, the distraught fiancé, or jealous cousin Cora? And can Eve find out before her questions cause the killer to turn on her?

A charming and gripping page-turner, perfect for fans of Faith Martin, Agatha Christie and Betty Rowlands.


Chapter One

Eve couldn’t hear his words in response but his tone was angry. She lugged the table awkwardly past. She could hear movement inside now. One of them must be about to exit the tent. The edge of the folded table knocked painfully against her shin as she tried to pick up speed. 

She kept her back to the marquee’s entrance for a moment but then risked glancing over her shoulder. Verity had appeared in the doorway. She looked upset and angry. Behind her was the medic from her expedition team – Eve recognised him from Verity’s presentation slides and her own more recent research. Pete Smith – that was his name. Blond and tanned, tall and handsome. He followed Verity to the entrance of the marquee, staring after her, his jaw taut, eyes narrow. The pair were to be the stars of the event the following day, showing off the equipment for their next cave dive in China, giving talks and presenting prizes. 

Their words echoed in Eve’s head. Who had Pete been following around? And what about the last part of their conversation? Were he and Verity lovers? If so, it sounded as though Pete was having trouble letting go – and that Verity had only just called time on the affair, ahead of her marriage. Eve felt a stab of disappointment in the woman. She’d struck her as the sort to play fair.

Grab your copy of Mystery at Seagrave Hall here!

Clare Chase writes women sleuth mysteries. After graduating from London University with a degree in English Literature, Clare moved to Cambridge and has lived there ever since. She’s fascinated by the city’s contrasts and contradictions, which feed into her writing. She’s worked in diverse settings – from the 800-year-old University to one of the local prisons – and lived everywhere from the house of a Lord to a slug-infested flat. The terrace she now occupies, with her husband and teenage children, presents a good happy medium.

As well as writing, Clare loves family time, art and architecture, cooking, and of course, reading other people’s books.

You can find Clare’s website and blog at

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