Book Review & Blog Tour : The Second Chance Supper Club by Nicole Meier

The Second Chance Supper Club

Author: Nicole Meier

Publication Date: September 10, 2019

Genre: Adult Fiction – Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Pages: 272

Publisher: Lake Union (Amazon Publishing)

Two estranged sisters reunite in an emotional novel of family, forgiveness, lost hope, and new beginnings.

They had a forever bond, until a sudden tragedy thrust them apart. Now, each at a crossroad in her own life, two sisters’ paths are about to intersect.

Broadcast journalist Julia Frank has it all: a career, an ambitious fiancé, and the hard-won respect of her peers. Until a ruinous decision destroys her reputation, puts her job at risk, and sends her reeling toward the only soul left to turn to: her estranged sister, Ginny.

The owner of a clandestine supper club hidden in the Arizona desert, Ginny Frank has a lot on her plate. The last thing she wants is more drama—or the burden of nursing her younger sister’s wounded ego. But family is family. Besides, Ginny can use the help in more ways than one, and she’s going to make sure Julia pulls her weight.

As a tenuous reunion reopens old wounds, Julia and Ginny have no choice but to confront the pain and betrayals of the past. Will working to keep the secret supper club running be just what they need to find common ground and a path toward forgiveness, or will the increasing stress push them even further apart?

Nicole Meier’s The Second Chance Supper Club is a beautiful story about reconnecting with family and self-discovery in order to pick up the pieces and restart when life has kicked you down a few pegs.

The story follows the lives of Julia and Ginny, and each chapter alternates between their POVs. Julia and Ginny haven’t spoken to one another in years. After their parents died in a tragic accident, Ginny left her incredibly successful life in NYC as one of the top chefs to pick up the remaining pieces, while Julia stayed in NYC to focus on her career in journalism…if that right there doesn’t cause built up resentment, I don’t know what will.

Julia knows that she’s struggling in her career, and she needs to do something to create a brand for herself in journalism. With the pressure threatening to suffocate her, Julia makes a rash decision where she essentially commits career suicide on live television with the majority of the country is watching. Not quite the brand she was going for. Rather than face the embarrassment and fall out, she leaves all of her problems in NYC and drops in on Ginny without so much as a “hey sis” phone call.

Ginny has maxed out her credit cards and money is definitely tight these days. She’s no longer the top chef she was in NYC, and the sacrifices she’s had to make in life, are making her question why she never puts herself first. She’s convinced her daughter hates her, and she can’t run the supper club without her daughter’s help (she can’t afford to hire actual staff and this club helps her to cook and create without the overhead costs). When her daughter walks out mid service, she’s stunned to find Julia at the door. While she’s not particularly enthusiastic about the impromptu reunion, it’s free help, and she can’t afford to be choosy.

I’m a huge sucker for second chances, and this is the heartwarming story that I was waiting for. I loved watching the storylines unfold with Julia and Ginny. You can tell that there’s so much pent up hurt and anger from the years of no communication, but in the same respect, you can tell that neither one is willing to give up on family. They have to be honest with each other and confront all their past pain in order to work together to save the supper club and each other.

A recommendation while reading this book: don’t read this book on an empty stomach! OMG, the food that is talked about in this book sounds utterly divine. I just want a personal chef who can come and make all the recipes for me. K thanks.

Be sure to check out this heartwarming and delectable read!

Thank you to Suzy Approved Book Tours, GetRed PR, and Amazon Publishing for the ARC. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.

Grab your copy of The Second Chance Supper Club here!

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Nicole Meier is a native Southern Californian who pulled up roots and moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband, three children, and one very nosey Aussiedoodle. 

Her debut novel, THE HOUSE OF BRADBURY, was chosen as a Best Book of 2016 by Refinery29. Her second book, THE GIRL MADE OF CLAY, was named a Top Book according to Bookbub readers. Her newest novel, THE SECOND CHANCE SUPPER CLUB, is out now.

Nicole’s works have been published in The Oregonian, Cascade Journal, Southern Oregon Magazine, Women Writers Women’s Books, Brazen Woman, and more.

Find her online at NicoleMeierWrites on Facebook, @nmeierwrites on Twitter, and @nicolemeierwrites on Instagram.


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