Book Review: The Art of Falling in Love by Haleigh Wenger (eARC)

The Art of Falling in Love

Author: Haleigh Wenger

Publication Date: 13 August 2019

Genre: YA Contemporary

Pages: 262

Publisher: Literary Crush Publishing

eventeen-year-old Claire Haynes always spends summer vacation at her family’s beach house in Florida, sketching and dreaming of art school with her biggest fan–her Opa. But when Opa dies right before summer break, all Claire has left besides her memories is a sand-sculpting contest application with her name on it and the lingering question of why Opa filled it out in the first place. Claire has never even made a decent sandcastle, but she reluctantly turns in the entry forms, hoping the contest will help her navigate the grieving process by honoring one of Opa’s last wishes.

When she meets Foster, a teenage boy with a talent for turning recyclables into abstract sculptures, the two join forces to win the contest and salvage the Summer of Art. They spend the humid summer days shoveling sand, devouring ice cream, and exploring Florida’s art scene. Just like Opa, Foster understands Claire and her overwhelming need to create, but he has a secret that threatens to ruin everything: he’s homeless and hiding from an abusive brother who would have him believe family trumps all.

When Claire’s parents find out about Foster’s homelessness, they offer him a home along with their hearts. But even picture-perfect families like Claire’s can harbor an ugly side, especially in the aftermath of Opa’s death. When someone close to Claire spills Foster’s secret, they’re both forced to choose between love and familial obligation. If Claire can’t break through long-held beliefs and prove family is more than shared DNA, she could permanently lose Foster and a chance at the sand contest to honor Opa. 

The Art of Falling in Love is a beautiful coming of age story that deals with life and new love after the loss of a loved one. I absolutely loved Claire and Foster’s story.

Following the death of her Opa (grandpa), Claire no longer has the inspiration that she needs to find her media and passion amongst the arts. The summer was meant to be a bucket list of art museums, but instead, Claire is lost and feels her creativity slipping.

Claire meets Foster who creates art out of the most unexpected materials. Foster takes it upon himself to help Claire find her inspiration. Watching these two fall in love was effortless. Their chemistry was obvious but not forced. And like most couples, they face unforeseen complications as a couple that they must overcome.

Overall, if you love a good coming of age story that features a great romance story then be prepared to be wrapped up in Claire and Foster’s story.

Thank you to Literary Crush Publishing for providing an eARC for review. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.

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Haleigh Wenger has been creating new worlds since she could talk. Born with a vivid imagination, she became enthralled with reading and from there hoped to create books of her own someday. Some of her favorites include Little Women, Ella Enchanted, Harry Potter,The Raven Cycle series, and anything by Morgan Matson, Sandhya Menon, Jenn Bennett, Nicola Yoon, or Kasie West. When not reading or writing, she enjoys baking, hiking, and spending time with her sons and husband.

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