Book Review: Descendants of War: Magic’s Demise by Ruby Fitzgerald

Descendants of War: Magic’s Demise

Author: Ruby Fitzgerald

Publication Date: 26 June 2018

Genre: Adult Fiction – Fantasy

Pages: 357

Publisher: Soldier Bear Entertainment

‘Magic’s Demise’ is the first in the ‘Descendants of War’ series, following the prequel, ‘Harmonies of War: the Guide’. This unique epic fantasy series deals directly with mental health, specifically depression. Fitzgerald has taken each of the voices of depression and given them a name, a voice, and a purpose in life. The Temperate Lands are where each of the most oppressed in our society live by a different set of rules. Magic.

Thousands of years ago, the Ancients bestowed the Nine Energies of Magic to certain humans known as Descendants. When Aurora, briefly in possession of all Nine Energies, defeated King Zagan during the Battle of Venom, peace returned to the ravaged queendom of Thurnadan. Eleanor has been placed back in charge of her queendom, and although the war torn country has been ravaged, the strength of the community is bringing things back to normal, piece by piece.

Until a new adversary has emerges: The Jinx. Far more threatening than Zagan and his army, The Jinx is a disease with a one hundred percent mortality rate. The race to find a cure is on; it is only a matter of time before the disease mutates and becomes capable of killing every living thing in its path. Terror spreads. The Jinx seems to be unstoppable, especially when fate rests in the hands of the disheartened. A disturbing Seer’s vision and long-neglected maps are the only guidance the people of Thurnadan have in their frantic search for a cure. Turning to lore of the Ancients for answers, a dark Prophecy threatening the end of mankind’s reign is discovered, but a sliver of hope is also found within its riddle of verses. Do the Ancients still live? Will the disease mutate and grow more powerful? And how much time does the queendom have before all are certain to perish?

Following the Battle of Venom, the citizens of Thurnadan assumed that their days of blood shed were behind them following the King Zagan’s reign of terror. However, life gets much worse when The Jinx begins to run rampant amongst the Descendants (those who possess magic from the original Nine Energies of Magic), which literally sucks the magic and life outside of all of its victims.

In order to give the queendom a fighting chance, the Majesties (Eleanor and Malcolm) send a team to track down the source of The Jinx and find a cure in order to save everyone from a guaranteed demise. They select Argus and Silvia who are married and had a magical swap of sorts. Silvia was a coveted self healer, but after a near death incident, she transferred her magic to Argus to save his life. Alongside, Aurora (a Seer), Gwendolyn (a Healer), Xenos (a Shifter), Ryder, and Ipo (a child Seer that was inadvertently discovered by Aurora), this rag tag team must join together and do whatever is necessary to find the cause for The Jinx as well as a cure to stop it from killing everyone in the queendom.

For the majority of the story, the pacing of the story was exactly what I wanted for an adventure such as this. There were parts where I did think the book slowed a little too much for my liking but then new plot twists occurred, which reinvigorated my interest in the quest.

I couldn’t stand Queen Eleanor. She betrayed her queendom with her magical abilities, but because she is pregnant and carries the future heir, she is tolerated. It’s very clear throughout the story that she’s cold, cruel, and manipulative. I did find it rather annoying that King Malcolm always seems to dote upon his wife’s whims, but she is pregnant with his child, so that is understandable.

My heart definitely ached for Silvia and Argus because you get the distinct feeling that Silvia regrets saving Argus at the expense of leaving her without her healing magic. Argus is ever the optimist and will do anything for his beloved wife, but Silvia is utterly miserable. Her character embodies depression, and it’s so incredibly sad to watch the shell of life she has become. Ruby Fitzgerald does an incredible job of giving such a powerful voice and image of depression through Silvia.

Overall, Ruby Fitzgerald has created a fantastic world filled with magic, betrayal, and loyalty. If you love stories that not only have an exciting plot but wonderful character development and interactions, then you should definitely read this book. I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next!

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.


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