Book Review: Redemption Point by Candice Fox (ARC)

Redemption Point

Author: Candice Fox

Publication Date: 19 March 2019

Genre: Adult Fiction, Crime Thriller

Pages: 400

Publisher: Tor/Forge Books

When former police detective Ted Conkaffey was wrongly accused of abducting Claire Bingley, he hoped the Queensland rainforest town of Crimson Lake would be a good place to disappear. But nowhere is safe from Claire’s devastated father.

Dale Bingley has a brutal revenge plan all worked out – and if Ted doesn’t help find the real abductor, he’ll be its first casualty.

Meanwhile, in a dark roadside hovel called the Barking Frog Inn, the bodies of two young bartenders lie on the beer-sodden floor. It’s Detective Inspector Pip Sweeney’s first homicide investigation – complicated by the arrival of private detective Amanda Pharrell to ‘assist’ on the case. Amanda’s conviction for murder a decade ago has left her with some odd behavioural traits, top-to-toe tatts – and a keen eye for killers . . .

For Ted and Amanda, the hunt for the truth will draw them into a violent dance with evil. Redemption is certainly on the cards – but it may well cost them their lives . . .

I don’t typically read a lot of crime thrillers since sometimes the content can make me a bit squeamish, but when I read the excerpt for Redemption Point on Bookish First, I was immediately sucked in. I just had to keep reading to figure out what happened next.

Redemption Point is the sequel to Candice Fox’s crime thriller Crimson Lake. In Redemption Point, we return to Crimson Lake where former police detective Ted Conkfaffey and his partner Amanda Pharrell are launched into the private investigation of a double murder at a bar outside of town.

Ted still faces the repercussions associated with him being accused for the abduction and rape of 13-year-old Claire. Ted lost everything from his job to his family and friends, which is why he attempts to lead a life of isolation in a hideaway that he has constructed in the rainforest. Unfortunately for him, Claire’s father Dale tracks down Ted demanding revenge for his daughter. Ted is now on a race against time to find the true criminal or face the impending wrath that Dale has planned.

The story is a page turner from start to finish. It’s full of non-stop, heart pumping action as we are faced with an enraged father looking for revenge as well as a double murder that desperately needs to be followed. As the plot moves forward, we start to learn of the diary that the actual pedophile kept, which is incredibly disturbing and yet enthralling. Additionally, I really enjoyed watching Ted and Amanda’s dynamic together because you have these two flawed characters that function so much better as a unit.  

Thank you to BookishHQ and Tor/Forge for the ARC. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.

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