January Wrap Up

This month I have been incredibly fortunate to read some really great reads!

  1. To Best the Boys by Mary Weber5 stars: This book hit in me all the feels! The story follows Rhen Tellur a 17 year old female scientist who disguises herself as a boy to prove that she can win a scholarship to the prestigious all male university.
  2. Bored to Death by Amanda Linehan3.5 stars: What happens when you can live forever? You get bored. This is a fun read that follows a century old vampire named Victoria and her friends as they defeat boredom by hunting down Victoria’s maker, Dr. Ivy, who now feeds off of vampires he turned in order to defy the laws of vampirism and immortality.
  3. Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young5 stars: What a terrific book! If you love The Stepford Wives, you need to read this. The girls of Innovation Academy are trained to obedient and subservient girls to men at all times. But what happens when the brain washing starts to wear off? This book is incredibly chilling since it’s not that far-fetched.
  4. An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen5 stars: This psychological thriller messed with my mind the entire time. There were plenty of times that I was looking over my shoulder to see if Dr. Shields was spying on me. So so good!
  5. Ragnarok Unwound by Kristin Jacques3.5 stars: If you love Norse mythology, this is perfect for you! This is a great adventure that follows Ikepela Ives, a mortal who has the ability to not only see fates but change them as well! The caveat, she needs to save the world before the apocalypse. No big deal, right?!
  6. Killing Adam by Earik Beann – 4 stars: Calling all sci-fi fans! This book makes me reminiscent of iRobot meets Total Recall. Adam is an AI that controls the brain functions for the majority of society. Jimmy Mahoney suffered a brain injury to where he can’t have the altered reality chips inserted in his brain, so he’s the only one who can take down Adam. I really enjoyed not only the plot but the pace of this story as well.
  7. Poseidon’s Academy by Sarah A. Vogler4 stars: What would happen if Harry Potter and Percy Jackson were to cross paths? This story would be the prodigy. This was such a fun read. I love mythology and when you mix it with magic, it is a treasure waiting to be discovered. I really loved watching the story of Hailey, prophesized Zeus, and her destiny unfold.
  8. Finding Grace by K. L. Slater4.5 stars: I think every parent’s fear is if their child disappeared while walking home alone. I don’t have a child, but my heart was absolutely pounding. All the twists and turns kept me guessing.  
  9. They Called Me Wyatt by Natasha Tynes4 stars: This was a great read. This murder mystery follows the tragic death of Siwar, a 25-year old female college student from Jordan, but the kicker is that her consciousness has resettled into a speech delayed three-year old boy named Wyatt. Siwar was my spirit animal. From a young age, she pushes the envelope to fight against the conservative Jordanian expectations of women. She also curses like a sailor, which, so do I.
  10. House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig5 stars: I could not put this down! This gothic retelling of The 12 Dancing Princesses was creepy as sh•t! I loved every minute of it.


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